Project management

Bringing People and Businesses Together

Project management

ICR Solutions can plan, implement, manage, and evaluate your specific project. ICR Solutions has the skills to bring the right people together and we combine this with the art of managing these people. ICR Solutions has the people, knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet the specified requirements of your project.
ICR Solutions is capable of managing large, international, complex, multiyear projects, but we also do not shy away from short implementation, process improvement, or upgrade projects.

Technical projects

Our ICR-Solutions team is ready to carry out all activities that are not everyday for you and therefore take up an unnecessary amount of time. Ask about our options.

Comprehensive 'all-inclusive' service

1. Overview: After the project concept and feasibilty has been determined, ICR Solution creates a clear overview of outstanding activities .

2. Planning

3. Execution: ICR-Solutions offers a customer-specific approach and can take care pf every aspect of the project, including but not limited to procurement, transportation and customs clearance.

4. Monitoring & Control: Progress and improvement are ensured by tracking and reviewing the projects performance.

5. Closure: When the scheduled tasks have been completed, the team officially closes the project.