Project management

Bringing People and Businesses Together

Project management

ICR Solutions can plan, implement, manage, and evaluate your specific project. ICR Solutions has the skills to bring the right people together and we combine this with the art of managing these people. ICR Solutions has the people, knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet the specified requirements of your project.
ICR Solutions is capable of managing large, international, complex, multiyear projects, but we also do not shy away from short implementation, process improvement, or upgrade projects.

Benefit-to-cost ratio

The basic principles of project management apply in all situations, but the project management methodology musts be scaled to fit the benefit-to-cost ratio for each situation. ICR Solution uses techniques and project planning tools appropriate to the anticipated outcomes of the project and the resources available.

The 5 phases of project management

1. Initiation: ICR Solution does this by visualizing the project or idea and link it to what is important to the people involved (project team) by listing to their input.

2. Planning: After the project concept and feasibility has been determined, ICR Solution uses the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle for project planning and management.

3. Execution: When the project is approved, the project team executes and follows through on tasks based on the project plan to implement the project.

4. Monitoring & Control: Progress and improvement are ensured by tracking and reviewing the projects performance.

5. Closure: When the scheduled tasks have been completed the team officially closes the project.