Recent changes in the CU TR

Per 01-01-2021:

(1) DoCs can be registered by CU applicants only, no longer by Certification Bodies. The task of CIS Certification in particular is to advise the type of certification and the delivery of the correct documents for you to be able to register the DoC. In case of an order we will provide all these documents as a total package ready to upload into the FGIS system for registration.


(2) Type 5 year Certificates issued in 2021 require an annual inspection by the Certification Body – costs still unknown


Per 01-07-2021:

(3) Companies must indicate GLN- and GTN-codes for the products to be certified (DoCs and CoCs), for a better traceability. These are barcodes issued by 1 company only worldwide, to indicate that a specific item was produced by a certain manufacturer, in a certain manufacturing facility (geolocation)


And not officially but practically applied:

(4) Major projects in Russia increasingly require the Type DoC CU TR 010 scheme 5d for industrial hazardous environments,  instead of the standard (cheaper) option scheme 1d, although 1d applies to both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. We therefore strongly recommend that you clearly state the scheme behind the relevant CU TR in your quotations