Organization of events

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Organize a successful event

ICR Solutions knows the secrets to a successful event and makes planning of even a huge event a breeze. We have experience with the many different moving parts of organizing an event, such as speakers, venue options, professional and personal invitation and hosting guests.

ICR Solutions secrets in building a successful event:

1. Begin as early as possible

2. Decide on purpose and goals


3. Establishing the budget: ICR-Solutions will make at least an outline of your budget estimation before planning anything else.

4. Choose your ideal venue: Venue selection can literally make or break your success. The event date and size should be set early as these limit your venue options.

5. Create an event plan: ICR-Solutions will make a roadmap for your event’s success.

6. Comprehensive organization: ICR-Solutions is very creative in building win-win situations and has an eye for the big picture, but also for individual wishes

7. Evaluation