Organization of events

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Organize a successful event

ICR Solutions knows the secrets to a successful event and makes planning of even a huge event a breeze. We have experience with the many different moving parts of organizing an event, such as finance (sponsorships and subsidies), venue options, speakers and talents options, and marketing options.

ICR Solutions secrets in building a successful event:

1. Begin as early as possible

2. Decide on purpose and goals: ICR Solutions will set a clear purpose and target audience together with you. ICR Solutions will measure progress by setting objectives with quantifiable metrics.

3. Establishing the budget: ICR Solutions will make at least an outline of your budget estimation before planning anything else.

4. Choose your ideal venue: Venue selection can literally make or break your success. The event date and size should be set early as these limit your venue options.

5. Create an event plan: ICR Solutions will make a roadmap for your event’s success.

6. Secure sponsorships: ICR Solutions can build a list of target sponsors. ICR Solutions can mediate between you and the sponsors. ICR Solutions is very creative in building win-win situations.

7. Create a marketing plan: ICR Solutions will secure enough attendees, by creating a strong brand and using various channels when marketing your event.