Bringing People and Businesses together.

ICR-Solutions takes care of all your International Communication and business Relation-management. We offer the possibility to communicate in several languages and culture-directed.

We are able to introduce your company to the right people in the right places and consequently achieve improvements for all concerned parties. We offer client-specific solutions. It is of great importance to us to provide a professional, high-quality and trustworthy service.

Why ICR-Solutions?

We are a professional, knowledgeable team with a culture-directed communication. We have practical experience, which is an essential part in the pathway leading to the success of all your business activities.

Multilingual services.

We offer all our services in the countries, with the following conference languages: Dutch, Russian, German, English, and French


  • hands-on business support
  • certification
  • translation/communication/language classes
  • logistics
  • project-organization
  • trouble-shooting